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Firefox Friday, a weekly round-up: Beta 4, Beta 5, Panorama, breaking add-ons and our Private Browsing habits analyzed

This week has produced some fantastic Firefox news. That's a good thing, but because we covered it all on Download Squad in a timely fashion, it leaves me with a bit of a problem: there's no new news to share with you. I've been left with producing a round-up for this week's Firefox column. I've never done a round-up before, but I'm sure it'll be good. I think I'm meant to take each nibble of n...

Firefox 4 won't run on PowerPC Macs, Mozilla says

If you're a Firefox fan and you're still using that trusty old G4 iBook, it might be time to get a new Mac. Firefox 4 probably won't run on PowerPC Macs, accordinging to Mozilla's Director of Firefox. The decision is pending some supporting data, but the Firefox team suspects that PowerPCs no longer make up a significant chunk of Firefox's user base. The current Firefox 4 beta already doesn't s...

Microsoft testing Office 2008 on Macs

Mac users seem to always get it last, and this upcoming version of Office 2008 is no exception. The team at Microsoft has been testing the next version of Office for Mac which is scheduled to be out in the middle of this year, and luckily adds some features that Apple fans have been missing out on. Office 2008 has been finally released in a private beta test version for Mac users to test on Intel...