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Get your Photoshop version control for free -- Timeline giveaway!

Hopefully by now you've read my review of Timeline and decided whether you want a copy or not. In a nutshell though, Timeline is a front-end for Subversion (SVN) version control within Photoshop. It automates the process of checking files in and out -- that's it. I want to say that casual users probably won't find Timeline very exciting -- but is there such a thing as casual Photoshop users when ...

Timeline integrates Photoshop with Subversion (SVN) for full version control

My name's Sebastian, I'm a photographer, and I have a problem: I take lots of photos at an excruciatingly high resolution. If 20 megabyte RAW files weren't bad enough, by the time each photo goes through my Photoshop workflow they're 50-100MB each. But that's OK -- I just keep buying terabyte drives. I'm a junky like that! The real problems occur when it comes to editing: sometimes I make dest...