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Polar Rose plug-in: facial recognition in your browser?

Though it is currently accessible only to a closed set of beta testers, it seems the 22 minds behind Polar Rose are trying to create a sort of "Google" for people pictures -- a system that is always indexing visual information. But that's only the beginning of the service. Beta testers have recently been given access to an Internet Explorer and Firefox plug-in that will scan faces on a loaded...

Google buys photo recognition company Neven Vision

With Google's new purchase of Neven Vision, it's going to be a lot easier to search for photos on your computer. If you tend to take tons of pictures daily, or weekly (like me) you know how massive your photo folder can be on your machine. The endless hours spent searching for a particular photo can get extremely tiresome, and agonizing. Google is working on integrating the new Neven Vision...