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Peppermint Ice is like Chrome OS without sacrificing local apps

Plenty of people scoffed at the original Google announcement about Chrome OS. It's just another minimalist Linux distro, they said -- but that's actually not quite true. Unlike most lightweight Linux distributions, there won't be any traditional local apps apart from the Chrome browser. If you'd like a Chrome OS-like experience without having to give up apps like Transmission, VLC, or DropBox?...

What's all the fuss about Peppermint OS?

Several big sites have been blogging excitedly about Peppermint OS. ReadWriteWeb's Sarah Perez referred to Peppermint as "A new Linux OS for the cloud," but is it really? I decided to download and install Peppermint so that I could find out for myself. What I found is that Peppermint is very similar to dozens of other Linux distributions out there: it's a remix of Ubuntu with a different set o...