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Microsoft's "Manual Deskterity" input concept a perfect fit for Courier

There's been plenty of talk about Microsoft's slick, dual-screen Courier tablet (check out Engadget's coverage of the device). While we still don't know when it's going to appear on retail shelves, it's safe to say that the touch-plus-pen input system demonstrated in the video above would be awesome on the Courier. "Manual Deskterity" aims to meld pen and multi-touch input into a more "real"...

Livescribe's Pulse smartpen store hands-on

There's little to add to my glowing review of the Livescribe Pulse smartpen I wrote for TUAW last year. This is one of those gadgets that you show people and it looks like magic. It kinda is magic, I think. But this year's model introduces an app store for the pen (plus some nifty paper products), making it a desirable platform for anyone who takes their notes seriously. Read my review for...