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ColoRotate: 3D color palette creator and CS4 plugin

There are a lot of different interfaces for creating and using color palettes, but ColoRotate may be the one with the coolest visuals. It plots your colors on a 3D diamond as you blend, tint and change hues to form a palette. More experienced designers may not find it useful, and may prefer something more straightforward. Beginners, on the other hand, might dig how easily you can make a decent...

Mondrianum 2: use Adobe Kuler as an OS X color picker

If you work with colors on a Mac, you'll probably love Mondrianum. It combines the functionality of Adobe's popular color-theme creation community, Kuler, with the native color pickers of Mac OS X. When you open the color picker window in the apps you normally use -- everything from Textedit on up to Coda and Photoshop -- Mondrianum will be right there alongside the color wheel and the crayon...