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Npacked software install manager is like Synaptic for Windows

One thing I've always preferred about Linux over Windows is the fact that just about every big-name distro includes a slick, easy-to-use package manager that makes installing and updating software a simple procedure. If you're using Windows, you need to know where to go to download apps -- in Linux, you just need to fire up your package manager and browse or search. We've looked at a few Windo...

Flipping the Linux switch: Package management 101

Your shiny new Linux system has it all -- except that one program you really needed it to install. You get online, you find the program's website, and click 'download'. Except there's not just a link to the program there. There are four, or five, or more links to the program. Each has a slightly different format, ending with .rpm, .deb, .tgz, or possibly even .ebuild. Some include x86 in the na...

Win-get is like apt-get for Windows, but less useful

Win-get isn't the first attempt we've heard about to replicate the Debian Linux package management experience on Windows. But unlike Ed Ropple's proposal, Win-get already works. Sort of. If you're not familiar with package management, here's how it works. You type "apt-get install <name of program>" into a terminal and your operating system will find that program online, download it, and i...