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Here comes LibreOffice -- an Oracle-free fork of OpenOffice

First it was OpenSolaris, now it's OpenOffice. Yes, another previously-Sun-led initiative is being forked as a 'thanks-but-no-thanks' response to the arrival of Oracle on the scene. The freshly-formed Document Foundation is being created to further the goals and aspirations of, and will produce LibreOffice -- a more community-focused project. Initial supporters of LibreOffice in...

SourceForge blocks Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan and Cuba

In a move that must surely strike at the very core of open source, FOSS, and the heart of GNU crusader Richard Stallman, SourceForge has now blocked all access from by countries on the U.S. 'Foreign Assets Control sanction list'. That isn't the beginning of the story though: back in 2008 the same countries were allowed to surf SourceForge, but not interact with the source code repositories --...