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PenOffice 3.1 adds tablet PC handwriting support to 3.0

PhatWare has released a new version of PenOffice, a handwriting recognition utility for touchscreen based computers running Windows. PenOffice 3.1 adds support for Windows Vista, as well as 3.0, Microosft Office XP or later, and multi-monitor systems. There's also a new configuration manager, a new configuration manager, and a new scripting engine among other things. PenOffice al...

Run 3.0 in your browser with Ulteo

Want to check out 3.0 but don't want to download the 142MB installer just to see if you like it? No problem. You can run it in a web browser thanks to Ulteo. Ulteo takes an interesting approach to online desktop and office suites. Unlike other online desktops that offer some storage space and a few simple, browser based apps, Ulteo offers access to a virtual Linux-based operating... 3.0 coming Monday, download it today!

The developers behind open source office suite plan to officially push the next major release on Monday. But if you just can't wait to get your hands on the first stable, post-beta, post-release candidate copy of 3.0 you can download it today. That's because the team has already sent out the files to a long list of mirror sites. Just pick one in your ... 3.0 RC4: OOo 3.0 inches closer to a final release

There's good news and no news from the camp. First the good news, 3.0 RC4 is out, which no doubt features some new bug fixes and tweaks and not a whole lot of new features that were absent from RC3. I can't be more specific than that, because while the developers have done a bang up job of creating an open source office suite, they really need to do a better job of ... 3.0 RC1 released

The first release candidate of 3.0 is out. The next generation of the open source office suite has been in beta for months and is slated for a full release later this month. So what's new in 3.0? First you get a nifty little launcher as seen above that lets you choose the application you want to use. You can still launch Writer, Base, Sheet, or another application ...

Sneak peek at 3.0 2.4 may be just around the corner. But if you laugh at stable releases and always want to have your hands on the latest beta software, you can download an early beta version of 3.0 today. Just check out the list of mirrors, choose a download site, and then find the Developer folder and the DEV300 supfolder and you should be able to download a Windows,...