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Google acquires video quality specialist Green Parrot Pictures, will improve YouTube's cute cat videos

Google has acquired Green Parrot Pictures, a company that specializes in video quality improvement technology. It sounds like Google (and its massive YouTube wing) want to do something about the low-quality video that comes from smartphones and webcams -- and judging by the demonstrations of its technologies on the Green Parrot Pictures site (embedded after the break), it looks like Google...

SimplyNoise white noise generator revamps, gets iPhone app

I often write and translate in an office environment, which can be distracting. Sometimes people talk around me or work together on something, and sometimes noise from outside breaks my concentration. Music is one possible solution; but when working with words, music with lyrics can be an even bigger distraction. So I can try putting on some instrumental music; while that can be nice, it still...

Hydra 1.5.3 (beta) for Aperture

Attempting to capture the different ranges you see with your eyes on camera is quite difficult. For the most part, digital cameras attempt to accurately capture an image but sometimes details are lost in the shadows or in the highlights. In high dynamic range (HDR) photography multiple photographs of varying exposures are taken of the same subject and later combined to produce a photo with a...