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FreeApps lets you install a ton of quality free applications at once

FreeApps is a software catalog with a twist. It has a ton of quality, freeware/open source offerings that are sorted by category. You browse the catalog, and then you tick the box next to every application that you'd like to install. You then hit Get Installer and download a small file (about 0.5MB). Run the file, and it downloads all of the applications that you've marked and sets them all up,...

How to replace the crappy pre-installed software on your new Windows 7 PC with great free apps

So you picked up a new Windows 7 laptop (or desktop) or you're planning on buying one in the very near future? If you took a look at display models in stores like Best Buy or Frye's, you no doubt noticed that new systems come with a lot of programs pre-installed. Lots of software is a good thing, right? Not always. Trouble is, what you get is often a) not really useful software or b) a...

Volery relaunches as Ninite - still a hassle-free way to install great, free software

While most users won't find Ninite all that useful (there is one exception which I'll be writing about later today), the "computer friend" or family technician will probably love it. Instead of sitting around while you wait for a dozen of your favorite apps to finish installing on a pal's computer, just check off what you want on the Ninite web site, launch your customized installer, and sit...