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Perfect Balance 2, a sequel that isn't a waste of your time!

It isn't often that we see sequels in the Flash game market. Occasionally you will see a new addition to a room-escape game, but it's rare to see a bona fide, better-than-the-original sequel -- they're a bit like films in that regard (Toy Story 2 is the only film in history that's better than the original, I swear). But here's Perfect Balance 2, the perfect successor to the massively successful (a...

Pokin' to the oldies: why Palm OS 5 still rocks

While you're busy flicking and pinching and shaking your iPhone, watching apps crash and getting a white screen of death, I've been busy editing Office docs and playing Insaniquarium. What, you can't do that on your precious touch-screen of joy? Pity. And yes, Palm OS 5.whatever, aka "Garnet" is pretty old. So what? Let's change the name to "Helen Mirren." See? Infinitely sexier. I wrote about my ...