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Windows 7 may (or may not) be in the wild

Last week we started to hear a rumor that Windows 7, the successor to Vista could be on schedule for a 2009 release. And it's also rumored that early builds of Windows 7 are making the rounds to early testers and developers. So it should come as no surprise that someone claiming to have access to Windows 7 surfaced this weekend and posted his initial thoughts on the web. A member of the Neowin fo...

Freeware alternatives for everything

A moderator on the Neowin forums maintains an obsessive list of freeware to get just about everything done, from 3D graphics and antivirus software to RSS readers and video players. Need a free defrag program? Try DRMS or Buzzsaw. Want to run an FTP server? Try Cerberus. You get the idea. Most of it is for Windows, though some is cross-platform. Definitely worth bookmarking. [Via Digg]...