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HTML5 YouTube viewer: close, but not quite there

Everyone knows Flash is a massive resource hog, especially on Mac or Linux. If you're sick of totally bogging down your system whenever you want to watch a YouTube video, the new video specifications in HTML5 might be the answer. By using HTML and plugging into the Mp4 streams on YouTube, the folks at NeoSmart have created an HTML5 YouTube Viewer. It doesn't quite work perfectly, and not every br...

What's up with ReactOS?

If you haven't heard of ReactOS, here's the 411: ReactOS is an open source operating system intended to be compatible with (and as similar as possible to) Windows XP. The goal is to allow people to run WIndows apps as well as Windows device drivers without actually using Windows. The project has made considerable progress since its inception, but in case, like me, you've never had the opportunity ...