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Happening iPhone app breathes new life into Yahoo!'s Upcoming

Upcoming, the venerable social events calendar that was founded in 2003 and acquired by Yahoo! in 2005, has undoubtedly seen better days. There are other places to post events and invite friends now -- notably, Facebook -- and Upcoming has dwindled in popularity. There's still a goldmine of great events on the site, though, especially if you live in a big city. Happening, a new Upcoming client for...

Google introduces location-based search results with "nearby" option

Google continues to get better at narrowing search results based on your location. First, they implemented the "near me now" search option for Google Mobile and Android, and now they're bringing location-based results to the desktop. If you pop open the search options panel on, you can choose "nearby," and Google will return only results from your general geographic area. At worst, ...

Leave virtual notes around your neighborhood with BlockChalk

With all the location-based services sprouting up, it's surprising to find one that's a little different from the now-formulaic location-based game. However BlockChalk is just that. Instead of requiring you sign up and tell your friends where you're re-enacting The Hangover, BlockChalk lets you anonymously leave messages for your neighbourhood to read. If you're wondering how on earth this would ...