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New Google navigation bar is not +1: it's for managing your online identity

Google's new cross-site navigation bar, which began rolling out last week, is actually a new measure to improve your surfing privacy, and not the 'Google +1' social layer that we've been anticipating. Basically, the bar elucidates the three 'states' in which you can use Google's services. First this is 'Unidentified,' which is where Google only knows your IP address, tracks you with a cookie...

8 steps to a more professional Blogspot blog

So you want to start your own blog. One of the first things you'll have to do is decide which blogging application you want to use. There are a ton of options, ranging from the incredibly simple (LiveJournal), to the infinitely customizable (WordPress). But one of the easiest blogging clients around is Google's Blogger. Blogger is not as easy to customize as WordPress, but Blogger's simplicity...