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Office 2010 RTM now available for download by Technet, MSDN subscribers

While you won't be seeing it on retail shelves just yet, Microsoft has flicked the Office 2010 switch on MSDN and Technet. This morning, the beta version was finally replaced with the RTM and both 32 and 64-bit downloads are now available. The actual Office 2010 page on Microsoft's site seems to be undergoing some changes right now, as it's been inaccessible at times. It could also be that...

Counterfeit software dealers beware, Microsoft is on your tail

Today Microsoft said that it had 55 legal cases started with dealers that have been accused of selling counterfeit software online. Microsoft said that this is the highest number of shakedowns to date, hitting the US, Germany, Netherlands, France, Britain, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Korea, Mexico and Poland. Online sellers of the counterfeit Microsoft materials have been using eBay and...

IE7's Official Add-On site

With the introduction of both Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 recently, one thing is certainly clear - the browser market is finally starting to become interesting again, after years of being stagnant. It really was Mozilla's Firefox browser that shook the sleeping Microsoft behemoth into realizing that it wasn't adequate to simply sit at IE6. Of the notable things that Firefox has been doing...