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Apple orders iCab iOS browser to cripple JavaScript modules

The developer of iCab Mobile, a feature-rich alternative to the Safari Web browser on iPad and iPhone, has been ordered by Apple to remove its ability to download and install JavaScript modules. Presumably it's not the fact that iCab can execute JavaScript that's causing Apple to apoplectically puff and splutter, but rather its ability to download modules. Both Apple and Google frown upon ap...

Build your own Newsvine front page

Newsvine has launched a major site redesign. The site which thrives on user-submitted news stories is now more user-customizable. Much like personal start pages Netvibes, Pageflakes, or Google Personalized Home, users can add and remove modules, or move them around the website. You can also use RSS feeds to add any news source you want to your Newsvine start page. One new module on the front pag...

Widget lovers unite for Widgets Live!

Are you a widget lover? You know all those cool little tools that can be added to desktops and webpages to show the weather, sports scores, news, and horoscopes. The widget world is growing strong, major players and individuals are creating some very neat modules, widgets and gadgets. GigaOm founder Om Malik, and Niall Kennedy have teamed up to organize a conference called Widgets Live! The new co...