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Zeam hands on: a lightweight and minimalist Android launcher

It's always amazed me how phones, with processors that are hundreds of times more powerful than early computers, can lag. You know what I mean: head into your address book and try to find a contact while your phone is still booting up, or loading a website. It's pathetic, really. One solution is to put faster and faster CPUs in phones, but the alternative is to strip out some of the heavier elemen...

Four addons to combine Firefox UI elements and save space

I like to keep things in my Firefox UI to a minimum, though for some reason I don't like to utilize the full-screen view. What can I do? Why, go find some addons and combine, compress, and tidy things up a bit. Here are four handy addons that help get the job done - if you've got some others, share them with us in the comments! Personal Menu Nix that needless file-edit-view menu with this addon. ...

The best minimalist WordPress themes

Is your WordPress blog too cluttered? Too dark? Too boxy? Take a look at's list of the Best Minimalist WordPress Themes. Minimalism isn't quite so in vogue as it was last year, but it's definitely still going strong, so if you're looking for something clean, airy, and uncluttered, these 10 themes, with names like Barecity, Way Too Clean, Zen Minimalist are for you. I'm particularly a...