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XMind - free open-source desktop mind-mapping software

Mind maps have become a pretty mainstream way to brainstorm. Children as young as grade one are being taught how to create mind maps on paper as a brainstorming technique. If you've been interested in using mind mapping, but have been turned off by the surprisingly high cost of the commercial mind mapping products, you might want to check out XMind. XMind is a free and open-source desktop mind map...

Online mind mapping using MindMeister and

Mind mapping has been increasingly becoming a popular method for brainstorming or list-making. As anyone that has put a mind map up on a projector and used it to lead a meeting knows, mind maps can be an impressive and very useful way to organize thoughts, particularly when trying to keep a group of people on-task. But until now, there have been few options in terms of available mind mapping soft...