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Quick Media Converter converts media... quickly

Quick Media Converter is a Windows utility that will let you convert practically any audio or video file from one format to another. MPEG to H.264? No problem. WAV to OGG? Sure, why not. Now let's get something out of the way here. Quick Media Converter is basically just a fancy front end for the open source, command line FFmpeg media encoder. But it's a really useful front end. The utility off...

MediaCoder for Devices: Video conversion for your phone, PSP, iPod

MediaCoder has been one of our favorite video conversion tools for a long time. The free Windows utility can convert pretty much any audio or video file from one format to another. Want to shrink the file size and pixel dimensions of a video so you can upload it to YouTube or fit it on your iPod? MediaCoder will do the trick. But if you don't have the patience to wade through dozens of menus a...

MediaCoder - universal video transcoding

Converting video files from one format to another is one of the more frustrating tasks users find as they delve into the capabilities of their system. I know of more than a handful of Windows users that became very frustrated upon discovering that working with video files is a journey into a dark forest of codecs, acronyms and incompatible file formats. MediaCoder is a free open-source utility th...