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WorkFlowy is a lightweight outliner endorsed by Matt Cutts

WorkFlowy is deceptively simple. It's just an outliner – a list-maker! You click on a new line, write whatever you have to write, and hit Enter. Done – you now have a bullet, a "to-do item," or whatever you want to call it. Hit Shift+Enter, and you can add some text as a note for that item. There is nothing revolutionary about it, except for one key difference: it lets you drill into ...

Google will factor page load speed into search result rankings

Google sure seems hung up on the speed of the web these days, and I have to say, I like it. After announcing the SPDY protocol they're working on to speed up page loading time, it has come out that Google is seriously considering using page loading time as a factor when returning search results. This isn't some unsubstantiated rumor, either; it comes from none other than Matt Cutts, the high-profi...

Google ripped off Yahoo!'s IE7 promo page?

Google's "Don't be evil" maxim has been called into question (again) after Yahoo!'s Jeremy Zawodny pointed out that Google's new Internet Explorer 7 promo page looked suspiciously similar to the one Yahoo! put up a few months ago. And by "suspiciously similar" I mean practically identical. The layout was exactly the same, most of the wording was the same or very similar--basically everything exc...