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SpellBook Google Chrome extension adds right-click access to bookmarklets

We're big users of right-click context menus, especially in our Web browsers. We also love bookmarklets -- those handy little JavaScript snippets that sit next to our normal bookmarks and provide extension-like functionality. Combine these two things, and you've got SpellBook, a new Google Chrome extension that provides right-click access to all your bookmarklets. Just install SpellBook and... may be the last bookmarklet you'll ever need

As a website, offers up a vast library of bookmarklets, much in the same way that does for user scripts. But has a serious ace up its sleeve: its very own bookmarklet. Drag it onto your bookmarks bar, click it, and you'll get a pop-up bookmarklet search prompt. Type in what you want to do (for example, "PDF"), hit Enter (no "live search" while typing),...

Quix adds tons of useful functions to your browser via a single bookmarklet

We've written about bookmarklets plenty of times before here on Download Squad. They're a great (nearly) zero-footprint way to add add-on or extension-style functions to your web browser. Quix is a little different than many of the marklets I'm currently using. It's a bit like the run box on your Windows computer. Click Quix on your browser's bookmarks toolbar and an entry box appears -- into...

PBtweet powers up your Twitter web experience on Google Chrome

Google Chrome has had Userscripts support for a long time. Unfortunately, a lot of the really great Userscripts are designed with Greasemonkey for Firefox in mind, meaning you miss out if you're using Chrome. PBtweet, on the other hand, works just fine in webkit-based browsers like Chrome and Safari and it brings a more powerful interface to Twitter's web client. Save that script into your...