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Easily set your Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo! Mail as Windows' default email client

Mailto:// links are still pretty common on the Web, and they can be somewhat bothersome if you use a Web-based email app like Gmail or Hotmail. Wouldn't it be great if you could tell Windows to open your webmail's compose page instead of trying to load a desktop program like Outlook Express or Windows Mail? There are actually several ways to get Windows to do this, but not many are as simple a...

Make GMail handle mailto: links in Google Chrome

While Firefox has built-in support for making GMail your default handler of mailto: links, Chrome has not yet implemented such a feature. Strange, really, since it's Google's browser. Then again, it still doesn't have a version of the Google Toolbar. Fortunately, Chrome does support Userscripts which makes hacking this in to your Chrome setup is no big deal. Over at the Chrome Plugins forums, ...

MailTo Encoder hides your email address from spambots

Spam is a problem nearly as old as email itself. Sure, it's 2009, but posting your email address on your website is still likely to invite spammers to let you know about the latest Viagra and Cialis deals. MailTo Encoder uses a bit of Javascript to obscure your address from spambots, while leaving it readable to actual humans. From the user's perspective, email links look exactly they way they no...