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Debian 6 Squeeze, the universal operating system, finally released

After exactly two years of development and with over 10,000 new packages, version 6 of the wunderkind jack of all trades, Debian, has been released. This release, along with support for i386, amd64, powerpc, sparc, mips, mipsel, ia64, s390 and armel architectures, also features a technical preview of Debian ported to the FreeBSD kernel, dubbed Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. Along with the usual slew of u...

Knoppix 6.0 Linux LiveCD replaces KDE with LXDE

Knoppix is a Linux distribution that's been popular for years among folks looking for a full featured operating system that can be booted from a LiveCD (meaning you can run the operating system without installing it to your hard drive - you just can't save any changes). You can also install Knoppix to your hard drive, but it's strength has always lied in the speed with which it boots and runs fr...

Installing Linux GUI's on Google Android phones

Sure, Google has put a lot of time and effort into developing a graphical user interface for its Android operating system. It's designed for cellphones and provides quick and easy access to the features you need the most, like the phone dialer and web browser. But if you want some real geek cred, you might want to think about installing a desktop-style window manager on your Android-powered phone....