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Adobe initiative to let you easily clear 'Flash cookies' from your Mozilla or Google Web browser

In a strong, head-held-high missive, Adobe has detailed a new initiative to bring Flash local storage clearing to Web browser UIs. The new API, NPAPI ClearSiteData will let Firefox and Chrome users clear Flash's Local Shared Objects, or 'Flash cookies,' in the same way that you currently clear cookies and temporary Internet files. LSOs are very commonly used throughout the Web, but unlike...

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 to cooperate with private browsing modes

There have been more than a few blog posts lately talking about how websites can use Flash cookies to keep tabs on you even if you're visiting their site using your browser's private browsing mode. It would appear, however, that the crew at Adobe thinks this is something which should change. According to a post on NeoWin, Adobe is working to make sure that Flash 10.1 will play nice with the...