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Microsoft puts end to independent Longhorn Reloaded project

Just a few weeks after the independent developers of Longhorn Reloaded hit milestone 1, Microsoft has effectively shut the project down with a cease and desist notice. Longhorn reloaded is an operating system based on an early release of Windows Longhorn, including features that were abandoned by the time Vista came out. It's really not at all surprising that Microsoft has asked the project to shu...

Windows Longhorn concept video - does Vista live up to it?

Over on Digg, a user named anog has posted a link to a YouTube video which purports to be a promotional video made by Microsoft showing off Longhorn (Vista's development codename) for PDC 2003 attendees. Watching it really does get you excited about the possibilities for the next version of Windows, until you realize that what they showed really isn't what Vista turned out to be. So, have a gande...

Windows Vista to keep PCs running like new

It's a fact that after six months of ordinary use, Windows will be much slower than you remember it being when you first installed it. An occasional reinstall (or complete reformat) is standard operating procedure. According to CNET, Microsoft is claiming that Windows Vista (nee Longhorn) will eliminate this problem. Vista, the article says, "will automatically de-fragment hard disks, make be...