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Apple puts a bullet in Lala: zombie Lala to return as iTunes streaming?

When Apple acquired Lala, a lot of people wondered how long the popular streaming audio service would last. Ed Bott recently asked the question over at CNet, and today we've got our answer: about five months. Visit today, and you'll be greeted with a brief message: we're shutting down and we're not taking any more new users. Existing members who still have funds in their wallets can...

MP3Tunes offers 1GB free online music storage

Michael Robertson, the mogul behind Linspire, ajaxLaunch and formerly, has announced that his is now offering 1GB of free online storage for your music files. The service, called Oboe, is a "music locker" that you can upload your files to on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and then listen to them via unlimited streaming wherever you are via your web browser, or sync your music...