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10 easy ways to play with Linux without leaving Windows

While I haven't made the switch to Linux full time, I find myself spending more and more time experimenting of late. In particular, I'm enjoying projects like Moblin and the Ubuntu Netbook Remix. If you're still using Windows for your primary OS there are tons of ways to get your feet wet like a true penguin without making any serious commitments. Here are ten ways to play with Linux painlessl...

MobaLiveCD adds USB drive support to Linux virtualization app

A while back, Brad introduced Dowload Squad to MobaLiveCD, a handy little app that allows you to virtualize Linux LiveCD distros right in Windows using QEMU integration. Moba 2.1 now includes support for bootable USB drives. Got a favorite distro installed on your trusty thumbdrive? Pop it in, wait for the drive to become visible in Explorer, then press the LiveUSB button in Moba. Performanc...

Boot Xbox Media Center on (almost ) any PC from a USB flash disk

XBMC is a media center suite that was originally designed for the original Xbox. But over the last few years XBMC has taken on a life of its own and has been ported to run on OS X and Linux. And if you don't happen to have a PC running either operating system or an Xbox lying around, now you can check XBMC out by creating a bootable flash disk version of the media center. Theoretically, you shou...