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Windows Live Writer, Movie Maker, and Photo Gallery get a new, no-frills plug-in site

At long last, Microsoft has given plug-ins for Windows Live apps their own home. You'll now find enhancements for Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and Live Writer at -- rather than at, where they were nestled in amongst the sidebar and sideshow gadgets. The new site makes it easier to search for and browser plug-ins, though it's only helpful in the Live Writer sect...

Head-to-head smackdown: Live Writer versus Ecto

There are two fantastic options for offline blogging (that is, managing a blog without using the web-based browser interface the blogging service provides). The first is Windows Live Writer Beta, which, as the name would suggest is a Windows app, but one that's so useful it might compel Mac users to invest in Parallels Desktop just to run it. The second is Ecto, a Mac-native blog composition to...

Windows Live Writer Portable lets you blog on the go

Do you use Windows Live Writer to update your blog at home, but wish you had it on the go. Of course the simplest solution is to get a laptop and carry it around with you everywhere. But if you'd rather not lug a 6 pound machine and 23 pounds of accessories in a bag, you can install Windows Live Writer to a flash drive and run it from pretty much any PC. Microsoft doesn't officially release a port...