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Mac OS X Lion: the multi-touch offspring of Windows 7 and iOS

Yesterday, Apple released the developer preview of Mac OS X Lion, the first major update to OS X since August 2009. Two major things have uprooted the computing world since then: the launch of Windows 7 in October 2009, and the iPad in 2010. It's no surprise, then, that OS X Lion looks like the lovechild of Windows 7 and iOS. White box-thumping purists will claim, somehow, that this is revol...

Apple releases Mac OS X Lion developer preview via the Mac App Store

Apple's on a charge today and has just released the Mac OS X Lion developer preview via the Mac App Store. The good news is it's full of fancy new features, including Launchpad, an app launcher that displays all of your Mac apps in one easy to use screen; Mission Control, a unification of Expose, Dashboard, Spaces, and full screen apps; and some new multi-touch gestures. The bad news is that yo...

Apple previews OS X 10.7 Lion, due to launch Summer 2011

If you had money on "Lion" as the next big cat namesake of an Apple OS, collect your winnings now. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion made its grand public debut today with a preview at the Back to My Mac event. The new OS isn't due to launch until Summer 2011, but Apple's preview offers plenty to look forward to. Apple's line on Mac OS X 10.7 is that it's taking what it learned from the iPad and applying it ...