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Amazon leverages low-tech FedEx to fix the high-tech problem of data transfer across the Internet

About 10 years ago I remember reading a section in my Computer Science textbook about data transfers across large distances. This was back when regular users had dial-up modem connections and rich companies had dual-bonded ISDN links. Those were the days! Anyway, there was one paragraph which stuck in my mind: if you want to send a lot of data somewhere and you don't care about the latency, the...

Google one-ups DNS pre-resolution, adds predictive pre-connections to Chromium

It's only been live for a few hours, and Google hasn't yet published before-and-after comparisons, but it looks like speculative pre-connection is now built into the developer tree of Chromium. As with most of these clever under-the-hood type changes, it's hard to describe just how much this will improve your browsing experience, but I'm going to try. Basically, pre-connection opens an HTTP ...

YouTube beta testing stripped down "Feather" design

They just put the Google homepage on a diet, and now they're looking at ways to trim the fat from YouTube as well. Google has introduced an opt-in beta for Feather, a new layout which strips away a lot of the excess from the standard page layout. According to the sign-up page, the goal is "to serve YouTube video watch pages with the lowest latency possible." To make that possible, Feather does ...