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Vista brute force hack update: it might work, if you let it run for a year

The author of the program that allegedly generates activation keys for Windows Vista (if you let it run long enough) is back. And now he says the key generator "is a joke, I never intended for it to work." Further, he never actually got the program to work himself, and he says anyone who claims they have is either mistaken or lying. Here's the thing. In theory, the brute force kegyen could work. I...

Windows Vista product activation cracked

Well that didn't take long. Just over a month after the wide release of Windows Vista, a hacker over at KezNews has figured out a way to generate valid product activation keys. This is a brute force hack, meaning it basically keeps throwing random keys at Vista until one seems to work. This can take hours. And then you have to manually check the key. The KezNews main page includes a disclaimer su...