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XCube is a 3D cross-platform Rubik's Cube sim - Time Waster

I haven't owned a Rubik's Cube for ages, and the last one I had was in pretty rough shape. Like a lot of young kids in the 80s I sometimes got myself out of a jam by peeling off the stickers and rearranging them. So as I was looking around for a Time Waster to share with you all today, I came across XCube. It's a 3D Rubik's Cube simulator written in Java, so it will run on any system with the...

Flipping the Linux switch: Linux web tools, Pt. 5 - Readers love editing

Seriously guys, we love you. Okay, fine, maybe not in the way your mom loves you, or your dog loves you, or your significant other loves you. But we definitely love you in that totally uncomfortable, care-free, "Hey, let us buy you a Red Bull and Pop Rocks next time we're at the convenience store" sort of way. We don't just love you for your looks, or your superior intelligence, or because you can...