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A trio of practical anonymous torrenting options have arrived

It was only a matter of time before the P2P community came up with some workable options for anonymizing our activities. Sure, Tor has been able to do it for quite some time, but torrenting is very taxing on the network and transfers can be painfully slow. Recently, however, three new services have appeared that could provide the privacy protection we've been waiting for. iPredator VPN - We've...

Pirates abandon ship as IPRED law kicks in

It's no secret that P2P traffic makes up a huge percentage of the total traffic on the Internet. Also no secret is that fact that some portion of that traffic is used for nefarious purposes like downloading movies that haven't been released or software that Microsoft doesn't want you to have yet. Yesterday, the IPRED era was ushered in for Swedes, and an incredible 33% drop in Internet traffic...

PirateBay's IPREDATOR VPN service to debut on April 1

It's no April Fools' prank. On April 1st - the same day that Sweden's Draconian new intellectual property legislation (IPRED) goes into effect - the Pirate Bay will debut their new IPREDATOR VPN service. Where IPRED aims to make it easier for copyright holders to get their hands on ISP log files to investigate suspected transgressors. With IPREDATOR, a user can give "the man" a swift kick in his...