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Switch is a multi-user Web browser for iPad

The iPad could arguably be described as the ultimate in couch computing. The problem is that as a couch computer, its single user operating system means that everyone has to use the same account. When the next person logs into their Gmail or Facebook, you have to log the previous user out, essentially creating an annoying cycle of logging in and out, as the iPad skips between multiple users. Now,...

First hands-on: Skyfire for iPhone reviewed -- Flash video on your iPhone

Well, what do we have here? On sale for less than a day, and it was pulled because the developers couldn't cope with the high demand. But was that demand warranted? Is Skyfire the answer to a Flash-craving iPhone user's prayers, or is it all hype and no substance? I took a good look to find out how it fares in our continuing iOS browser review series. Features Being built on the iOS Web...

iOS Browser Review: iCab Mobile

Apple's mobile incarnation of Safari on iOS is certainly one of the best mobile browsers in the business. It's pretty fast, handles rendering well, and will even sync bookmarks with your desktop. But it's not perfect – there are many things it can't do, and although Apple won't allow browsers on the App Store that use their own rendering engines, there's a whole host of WebKit-based browser...