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Portfolio: Free, flashy stock tracker based on Adobe AIR

Portfolio Viewer is a slick desktop application for keeping track of the value of your stock portfolio. While it doesn't link to your investment account for actually making trades, the program does plot user-entered transactions on a chart and keep track of historic stock and fund prices. You can create multiple portfolios like, say, one for your retirement account and another for your...

A First Look at the New Yahoo! Finance Charts Beta

Earlier this week Yahoo! announced changes that would roll out soon to upgrade aspects of the Yahoo! Finance property. One of these changes, and probably the most significant for daily users, is the completely overhauled Stock Charts. When Google rolled out Google Finance property, most of the hubbub around their offering was the dynamic charts. These hadn't been seen before anywhere and had a...

Upgrades to Yahoo! Finance Announced

Yahoo! announced in a press release that many long-awaited upgrades were soon to appear on Yahoo! Finance, albeit some only in beta form. Stock Charts - Google showed us that they could beat Yahoo! to the punch with their Ajaxy charting tools. Unfortunately for Google, the financial users are a pragmatic bunch and need more than the "kewl" factor to make them switch as indicated by Yahoo!...