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IMDb app for iOS adds Watchlist, magical search, AirPlay for trailers, and more

IMDb has updated its iOS app to version 2.1. The new release has a few nice features added, along with the usual bug fixes and performance improvements. You can now create and maintain a Watchlist, to which you can add movies and TV shows that interest you. The aptly-named 'magical search' behaves in the way Google Instant does, showing results while you type. There's also added support for...

Seven essential apps for your iPad

Like every modern mobile device, the iPad is only as good as the apps you have running on it. Sure, Apple's entry into the tablet market comes packing a decent Web browser, mail client, and photo viewer, but with apps at your side, the iPad can be transformed from an expensive couch-browser into a truly useful tool. So, for those of you who've just bagged yourself a shiny new iPad, or if you're...