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Google Image Labeler: A hive-mind "game" from Google

Want to help Google beef up its images index? Want to kind of have some fun in the process? Google Image Labeler is a new pseudo-game from Google designed to add meaningful keywords to the millions of images in its index while keeping you kind of entertained. It works like this: When you start the game you're assigned a random partner. Then you and your partner are shown the same random image,...

Massively Multplayer Pong - Today's Time Waster

Pong is about as simple as games get, but what if 30 people are trying to control the paddle at once? That's the premise of Massively Multiplayer Pong, a Flash game in which you and a few dozen other people play an endless game of pong against a few dozen other people, but with only two paddles and one ball. Though in essence little more than a cute experiment in the wisdom of crowds, Massively...