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HTC offers additional Hero / Droid Eris widgets via Android Market

In a move that marks a change of direction for the device manufacturer, HTC have just released four additional Hero / Droid Eris widgets for download in the Android Market. The initial release offers 'Battery', 'Dice', 'Tip Calculator' and 'Today in History' widgets for download free of charge, though it should be noted that the widgets are Sense UI widgets rather than standard Android widge...

HTC Hero users hit by Twitpocalyse bug

It's great having lots of manufacturer provided applications in the ROM of your mobile device, but what happens if one of them breaks? It's not as easy as just contacting the developer for an updated version is it! This is exactly the problem being faced by users of 'HTC Peep', the Twitter client on the HTC Hero. Last night, the unique id number assigned to each Tweet exceeded 4,294,967,2...

Mobile Minute: HTC releases software update for the HTC Hero

If you are a HTC Hero owner, you've likely been waiting with baited breath for the device software update that has been widely publicised as giving the Hero a much needed speed boost. Wait no more, it's finally here! Wearing version number 2.73.405.3 (in line with the leaked version that surfaced last week) for the WWE region (an Asia release will follow), the update adds also adds a new r...