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A photo tour of the Google campus in Mountain View, California

Next up, after my tour of the Mozilla offices, is Google! Much like Mozilla (and the rest of Silicon Valley), the Google offices are modern. Almost everywhere you look is open space with just a few dividers providing a modicum of privacy between each of the engineers. There are temporary, blow-up yurts if you require a meeting space, but that's it. Between the buildings there are beautiful garden...

Explosion at PayPal headquarters

In a-little-outside-the-mainstream news, there seem to have been a large explosion at PayPal's San Jose headquarters last night. Nobody was injured, but 26 employees were evacuated and indications seem to be that the blast was caused by an explosive device. From SFGate: "Investigators believe an explosive device caused a six-by-seven-foot window to shatter, although they only found remnants of wha...