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Instagram adds hashtags, brands already love them

Instagram -- the app all the cool kids with iPhones use to snap, filter, and share pictures -- has received an update yesterday that adds support for hashtags. These work in a similar fashion to the way they do on Twitter. You can tag a photo you share by adding a hashtag either in the caption or comment field. Each hashtag gets its own page , which you can get to by clicking on a hashtag...

Real-time discovery of Twitter images with Hashalbum

One of Twitter's greatest strengths is the sheer wealth of data that it produces. Like the Internet itself, though, without search engines, that data is all but inaccessible. Few would argue that Google defined the Internet that we use today, and likewise it is only through ingenious indexing that the Twitter fire hose will ultimately become useful. Which brings me neatly onto Hashalbum, a site...

Tumblr launches hashtags, Facebook integration

Tumblr announced some big new developments they're working on. The first is an improvement to an existing feature, Tags. Now, tagged posts automatically generate #hashtags (much like the Twitter system) that collect similar posts into a group. The hashtags are displayed below your post and link to a page containing other posts with the same tag. Because there's 650,000+ posts being published...