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Tonido does cloudless private file sharing, collaboration, and more

Not everyone wants to work in the cloud, but keeping a group connected by other means can be a little tricky. Tonido's cross-platform desktop suite makes the process about as easy as it can get. Tonido installs as a server app on your primary computer (Linux, Mac, and Windows downloads are available). Once configured, users simply connect to the machine with their web browser by browing to http:...

NetOffice - free content management system

There are a lot of CMS's out there, and we've mentioned a couple. NetOffice is another CMS, and OpenSourceCMS rates it at a 4.32, which is pretty good. It's got some great features for working in groups, like Gantt charts (we all love those, don't we?), full support for the iCal format (so Sunbird can import), and the usual panoply of checkpoint and people tracking stuff... The only problem is, th...