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Adobe Connect 8 Flash-based Web conferencing solution announced with Android and iPhone support

Yesterday, Adobe announced the next version of Adobe Connect, its Flash Player-based Web conferencing and online meeting solution. For those unfamiliar with Adobe Connect, previously known as Macromedia Breeze and Presedia Publishing System, it is Adobe's browser-based answer to things like Cisco's video conferencing systems, Citrix's GoToMeeting, or in a very basic sense, Skype's screen...

LogMeIn Express offers simple screen-sharing solution

LogMeIn has been around for quite awhile now as a very useful free remote access tool for casual users, as well as a commercial remote access tool for corporations. They've now taken the obvious step of putting their technology to use in the form of a screen sharing application called LogMeIn Express. The idea here is that you can quickly share your Windows computer's screen with up to 100...

Setting up a virtual office with web tools

During the six months I've been writing for Weblogs Inc, I've only met with coworkers twice. But that doesn't mean we don't communicate. Bloggers make liberal use of email, chats, and other tools to keep in touch with one another. But the truth is, there's a whole world of tools out there that are making it easier than ever for teams to collaborate on projects, be they websites, software design,...