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Tweeting in Linux part II: Twitux v. Twhirl

We're always on the lookout for good desktop Twitter clients. Because while the microblogging service is kind of useful as a web-based tool for sharing your thoughts, desktop clients make Twitter feel more like an instant messaging platform that allows you to communicate with hundreds, even thousands of people at once. While there are a couple of excellent Twitter clients for Windows and OS X,...

gTwitter: How to Tweet in Penguin (Linux)

Twitter is all right if you like visiting a web page and hitting refresh a few thousand times a day to see what all of your friends have been up to. But where the mini-blogging platform really becomes exciting when you use a desktop or cellphone client to keep tracks of tweets as they come in. There are plenty of clients for Windows and Mac, but what's a Linux lover to do? Install gTwitter, that's...