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Windows Live Hotspot Locator

Microsoft is working hard at beefing up its "Live" service offering. Right now it seems like they have everything under the sun listed in Windows Live. Current offerings include Mail, Messenger, Gallery, Mail Desktop, Q & A, Product Search, and now the Windows Live Hotspot Locator. The Windows Live Hotspot Locator is actually a nice way to check for WiFi access, both free and paid. Simply visi...

Google officially launched WiFi in Mountain View

Today marks the official launch of GoogleWiFi in Mountain View California. Transmitting 802.11b/g signals to the entire city, including residents, businesses and visitors, at no charge. This is a big step in the development of free WiFi for cities, and Google is heading this initiative. Google's main aim at developing the service in their hometown, was to give back and engage the citizens of Mount...

Google's Mountain View WiFi Access Points

Ever wondered where Google has its free wifi access points in the Mountain View California area? Randy points us to this nice special site of highlighted areas where the Google wifi signals are located. The map has detailed views, and addresses of the access points, as well as holes in the coverage areas. I wonder how many of these wifi connections are placed quite close to areas frequented by Goo...