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Firefox catches 50% with insecure Flash, only 30% click through to update

Two weeks ago Mozilla prepared a new landing page for Firefox updaters to check for outdated versions of the Adobe Flash Player plugin. When the page went live last week for some six million Firefox 3.5.3 and 3.0.14 users, Mozilla compiled some interesting -- and disconcerting -- statistics. Just over 50% of users shown the page were found to be running an insecure Flash Player version. That's ...

Adobe, NVidia working to improve Flash Player performance

I enjoyed my MSI Wind netbook while I had it, but there was one task that always gave it fits: running Flash-based anything. Games stuttered, YouTube clips were choppy, and the system's tiny fan spun like a tin can in a tornado. Owners of newer netbooks featuring NVidia's upcoming Tegra system-on-a-chip or Broadcom's Crystal HD will be glad to hear that Adobe is teaming up with NVidia to produce ...

Adobe releases Flash Player with H.264 support

Adobe has launched a much anticipated update to its Flash video player. Adobe Flash Player includes support for the H.264 codec. The upshot is that web publishers can easily embed HD videos on their site. One of the first web sites to do that is Hulu, NBC and News Corp's new online video site. Right now there's not much in Hulu's HD gallery. But if watching Alivin & The Chimpunks t...