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GTDInbox Firefox add-on turns Gmail into a todo list

I think it's pretty safe to say that most people who are not using some kind of stand-alone todo list are using their email inboxes as their de facto todo list. While that clearly works for some people, it's not kosher in the Getting Things Done universe. If you're a Gmail user and you're finding yourself overwhelmed with trying to keep track of things in your inbox, but don't really want yet anot...

Blump'it: Could a Firefox plugin squash ChromeOS?

There's a lot of talk about web-only operating systems, and even web-only devices these days. Google is positioning its upcoming Chrome Operating System as a browser-based, web-only OS for netbooks. Netvibes founder Tariq Krim's Jolicloud does much the same thing, although it can also run local applications. And Singapore-based company Fusion Garage got a lot of hype earlier this week when it ...

Twitterbar: Firefox add-on of the day

Twitterbar brings Twitter to your Firefox toolbar. Released under the GPL, Twitterbar adds a tiny icon to the right hand side of the addressbar. Type your twitter into the addressbar, mouseover the icon to see how many characters you have left and click to post; It's just that simple. Twitterbar also supports URL only tweets, simply click the icon without changing the addressbar text, the resul...