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Fillerati is a wonderful generator for filler text

Slick, sexy and suave are just some of the adjectives that came to mind when I was testing Fillerati. This beautiful little toy is a testament to what one developer can do with modern Web technologies in just 48 hours. Functionally, it's very simple. Instead of generating Lorem Ipsum text for testing your new website or software, it lets you use excerpts from the works of famous (and long-dead)...

Filler - Today's Time Waster

In Filler your goal is to fill 2/3 of the game board with "filler balls." Balls can be created by clicking anywhere on the board and their size is determined by how long you hold down the button on your mouse. The longer the you hold down the button, the bigger the filler ball. The game has other balls bouncing around the screen which for the purpose of this explanation we'll call "bouncing...