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Sleipnir Web browser for iOS brings tabbed browsing, bookmark sync

If you're on the hunt for a Web browser for your iPhone or iPad with a few additional features, Fenrir -- the company that develops the Sleipnir browser for Windows -- has its first mobile version for iOS [App Store link]. Sleipnir's most interesting feature is its rich tabbed browsing support. In addition to a thumbnailed tab strip along the bottom edge of the browser window (which only displ...

Sleipnir: Customizable web browser uses IE or Firefox rendering engines

Sleipnir is a web browser that's popular in Japan and pretty much unheard of in the rest of the world. The Windows-only browser lets users choose between the rendering engines used by market leaders Internet Explorer and Firefox. But Sleipnir is more than just a pretty front end for either browser. It's a standalone tool that provides users with a huge number of customization options. Fenrir, t...